Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Jamie's Dream School

Genre: Simulation
Format: Nintendo DS
Publisher: A&E

Released on the day that Mr Oliver's new show is premiered on TV, this game puts you in the role of a number of 'celebrity' teachers who must attempt to enlighten classes full of rebellious inner city teens.

Historian, David Starkey, gets his class to re-enact
Chamberlain's 'Peace in our time' speech
A&E have outdone themselves with this surprising title. Gameplay is spot on and will hold the interest of most pre-school children. After all, who wouldn't want to play as Rolf Harris teaching art, Tinchy Stryder extolling the virtues of poetry or as Robert Winston encouraging young boys to masturbate into a test-tube?

We also like the cut-scenes where the cartoon version of Jamie Oliver has an enormous rubbery tongue. Makes you wonder whether Jamie actually sat down and played this game before he agreed to put his name to it?

VT Rating: 7/10