Friday, 21 January 2011

Royal Wedding

Genre: Simulation (Dress Up)
Format: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Deep Silver

Awww, so cute
With the Royal Wedding of balding William and Kate (of so many strange facial expressions) Middleton due on 29th April 2011 it was inevitable that a game would appear.

The proffered Nintendo DS title is a fairly standard 'dress up' game that would not stretch the intellectual abilities of your average 5 year old. We struggled to stay awake whilst playing it.

FFS give Kate some hair!
Pick the wedding outfits for both the betrothed and, for Kate only, give her a nice hairstyle. Unfortunately, there isn't a similar option for William - he will have to go with either his current wispy hairdo or a number 2 all over (we bet he doesn't go with this suggestion).

Anyway, good luck to the happy couple and, whatever you do, don't buy this game.

VT Rating: 7/10